My Days – Period Tracker

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Now there is a new application for every woman who would like to track her Period and Ovulation. I know there are several applications on the Android Market, but I promised to my wife to write my own version and make it a little bit different than that what was already available for the G1 Mobile. Does only work on ANDROID Mobiles, not iPhone or Windows!

  • Speciality:
    A full month calender where you can see all your special days (“My Days”) in an graphical overview. Just with a fingertip you are able to add a new “Start of Period”.
    Now all upcoming Periods and Days of highest fertility are calculated for the Future. It is just safer to plan your next holiday or trip, knowing if you will have your days in that time or not. Maybe you are planing to make your baby while you are in vacation, just have a look if your Ovulation happens in that time.
  • Extras:
    You may not only Track your Period, its easy now to keep in Mind when you had last Time Sex or when you took your Pill. All this additional Information’s make it comfortable to have all important days tracked with your Mobile Phone.
  • Users:
    Some Woman really have fun to share there Application with her best Friends (if they dont have an own Period Calculator), or within the Family (Mother, Daugther)
  • ListView:
    Should u like to see just all your Entries in a Listview, also that’s possible just by a Click.
  • BMT Basal Tracking:
    Track your Basal Temperatures easily.
  • It’s FREE !!
    This Software does not cost you a Cent. If you like to donate my Work, you are Welcome :)
  • Where do I get this Application?
    Just have a look in the Android Market on your Android Mobile. Search for “My Days” .
  • Pro Version
    The Pro Version does include additional Alarm to remind on taking your Pill, also Notifications when your next Period/Ovulation does start and the Feature to set a Password on the Application !
  • What else…
    This is a Alpha Version, so please understand if its not perfect and I am willed to improve with your Help and Response. Feel free to send your constructive Critics in the Comments, also any positive Comment is welcomed to see if it works with you. Also if you like to help with a translation in any foreign language or even improve my English (i am original German), just send me a Note.




Enjoy this Application …. and don’t forget, I am not responsible or anything that happens while you use this Program. The final Responsibility is always on yourself :)
You can read some of the latest (live) User Comments from the Android Market “My Days” here. !
All the Best and have a great Day
Yours Chris
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286 Responses to “My Days – Period Tracker”

  1. Jennifer Morris says:

    Its worked great for me so far:)! Haven’t had a period n almost 2 months:)!!! Getting a lil excited but I don’t wanna get too excited n it b negative:(…

  2. Bhagya says:

    Why is the information different between iPad app and android phone app? Which one can be followed?

  3. Crina says:

    Very nice app.It is very helpfull for us women.

  4. tootie says:

    Love it

  5. mina says:

    great app

  6. moooosh says:

    Ts the best app..
    Wish u make t work on windows phones too

  7. adult finder says:

    Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I

  8. Rebecca says:

    this app helped me get pregnant
    its great now 5 weeks with my first
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  9. marla says:

    love this! thanks so much to the Creator :-)

  10. Melanie says:

    Hi, we are TTC, and this app is great! I have between using this app for just under a month, and already learned so much about my body and cycles that I never realized. I am curious to know if there is a way to manually adjust the ovulation dates, my bbt and ovulaton tests indicate I don’t ovulate on the date indicated on the calendar. Can this be adjusted somehow?

  11. Sharise Lucero says:

    LOVE IT!!

  12. Araceli says:

    Great app!! I love it.. Thanks to the creator of the app.. My best wishes in your work man.. :)

  13. Cristy says:

    Absolutely Love This App!

  14. TIL says:

    The app look great!
    us there any way to use it on PC?
    I dont have android..

  15. Charlie says:

    This app is verry good has helped me a lot but would be even better if it had a pin to go on it like some of the others so then people who get hold of my phone cant see when I last had sex and stuff x

  16. olga says:

    Ich bin so froh, das es diesen app gibt! Ich bin naemlich sehr schlecht darin mir zu merken, wann ich meine tage kriegen muss und wann ich sie das letzte mal hatte! Danke fuer diesen app!!!

  17. shelessia says:

    I love this app its amazing for myself and when i go to the dr! Every woman should have it…….;)

  18. Letty says:

    Juss love his WEB SITE!!!!

  19. hjh siti rohani says:


  20. Ellie says:

    I love this app. Keepin track of my cycle has never been easier and more consistant. This is hassle-free. Thanks Chris!

  21. Ashley says:

    How do u transfer this app to a different phone and still have all your information….

  22. Britni says:

    I love this app! It’s pretty spot on and will come in handy when my husband and I start TTC. Keep up the good work! :D

  23. sandi says:

    I want to know how to move data from old phone to new one. I don’t want to lose those 26 months of data!

  24. Bedelia says:

    I wanted to comment..this is great app..if I am not mistaken we r now pregant…i have tracking since Oct 2011…we I stopped my birth husband and r were excited…i will cintinue using this app..keep improving ur doing an awesome job

  25. fee says:

    Love this app! Been using if for over a year now and have used it to help us get pregnant. We are now expecting! Would be good If you could set a feature for being pregnant so it doesn’t show periods anymore. Wont need to use app now until Jan next year :)

  26. I think that this app is excellent, works for me.

  27. Paula says:

    I love this app, it had been spot on every month since I started using it last August. Thankyou!

  28. Rosie says:

    I love love love the simplicity of this app. My request is that when the user updates their next “start period” that the preceding ovulation and fertility days updates too. I would like to see how close I am when tracking my sex. Also to manually track ovulation if getting test results. Great job though!!

  29. Ivonne says:

    Gracias por esta aplicacion … yo solia utilizar el calendario normal y nunca supe mis dias de ovulacion…esta aplicacion sera mi companera en esos dias dificiles y tambien en aquellos maravillosos graciaa Chris god bless you :)

  30. Drea says:

    I love this app! It was spot on last month, unfortunately I’m one of those who has irregular cycles and I haven’t started on the date it said I would. I know I’m not pregnant for sure. I tried to fix it and now it says it’ll be 56 days until my next cycle….this can’t be right. Please help. Thanx!

  31. Gaëlle says:

    Thanks for creating and publishing this great and very complete app! I really enjoy using it and have one small room for improvement: would it be possible to include a scroll bar in the writing box under notes so that I can read what I write when being below the end of the box? Also I wanted to buy the pro version and somehow it’s not showing in my itunes app store (from Switzerland). Is it normal?
    Again thank you for your great work! I just posted a 5***** review for you on the app store to keep you going. ;)

    Best wishes and happy Easter!

  32. Oana Raicov says:

    I love this App. I want to know how i change leanguage… I’m from Romania…soo i want to use Romanian leanguage at this App.
    You Are The Best “My Days” !!!

  33. Antoinette says:

    I really love this app, would love it even more if you could add a skip feature for the month for those of us who are not regular. Plz :-)

  34. tasha says:


  35. Morganne says:

    I love this app! But how do I make the days you have sex a heart symbol on the calendar??? My friend has that but idk how to do it

  36. Jamie says:

    I LOVE THIS APP. My only request is that you please put an option to manually enter the day of ovulation on the menu with the start/end period, took pill, had sex etc. We are trying to get pregnant and my day of ovulation is not always on the same cycle day each month. Thanks for creating this amazingly helpful app.

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